Fish smokehouse KlasaFish - Company Production, Service and Commerce Zdzislaw Joński. The company was founded in 1995 and since its inception engaged in the production of smoked fish hot and cold. We process raw materials in accordance with European quality standards, according to the principles of the HACCP system.

Since 2009 we have been producing DRIED FISH-granulates. Fish that surrender drying process is a Norwegian salmon and flounder. Due to the high moisture content of meat, dried fish production process is time consuming and complicated. Fish meat is subjected to a long and multiple drying and grinding, to achieve proper humidity and consistency.

In 2016, we developed and introduced to the Polish market a new product which is the SEA SALT SMOKED. It is a rare and valuable variety of natural salt with unusual aromatic qualities. It gives the dishes a refined taste and smell of smoked meat.

Production SMOKED SEA SALT is complicated. Sea salt crystals from the waters of the ocean is subjected to the action of a few days smoke timber. Frequent and uniform mixing sea salt allows it to obtain intense and sweet aroma and sophisticated, smoky flavor. Therefore SEA SALT SMOKED is produced in small quantities and belongs to the luxury products.

SMOKED SEA SALT is added to dishes of meat, fish, eggs, soups, sauces, vegetables and dishes with soy. Just pinch or two, to give them the characteristic taste of smoked or emphasize the qualities of aromatic foods used in their preparation.

SALT SMOKED is widely used in the kitchen vegetarian and vegan allows you to perfectly balance the flavors and enjoy the flavor of smoked food to people who abandon meat food products.

SEA SALT SMOKED a sophisticated spice, natural ingredients and unique flavor taste.

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